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China lnstant Noodles
China Instant noodles also known as instant noodles, the eating method is very simple, will be a variety of seasoning bags into the bowl, add boiling water brewing for about 10 minutes can be eaten, deeply loved by people.
Rice Noodles
River Snail Rice Noodle is one of the famous snacks in Liuzhou. It has a unique flavour of spicy, cool, fresh, sour and hot.
Glass Noodles
Glass Noodles are a very common food in China. It's basically a filamentous food made from sweet potatoes.
Instant Glass Noodles
Chongqing Hot and Sour Powder is a very popular snack in the Chongqing area. It uses sweet potato vermicelli as the main raw material, and its taste is sour, hot and refreshing, which is very popular.
Self-Heating Hotpot
Self-heating hot pot is a kind of convenient and fast food, does not need electricity and fire, the operation method is very simple, only need a bottle of mineral water can be used to heat the hot pot package cooked.
Instant Ramen and Chongqing Noodles
Chongqing Noodles is a kind of convenient noodle product. Its taste is mainly fresh, fragrant, numbing and hot. It is one of the four characteristics of Chongqing.
Instant Noodles Recipes
Although many people say that instant noodles can't be eaten too much and will do harm to our health, there are still many people who like to eat instant noodles. Among those who like to eat instant noodles, there are many people who like to eat the flavour of instant noodles, they think the flavour of instant noodles is delicious. So how is the instant noodle seasoning recipe made? Do you know the perfect recipe for instant noodles?
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20-year Experience

More than 20 years professional glass noodles production, and have the most modern, automated large factory in China.

Rich Categories

Our products are complete, rich in categories and excellent in quality, and have a wide market share in China.

High-quality Elite Team

We set planting, research and development, production, sales as one, has a professional and high-quality elite team

High-minded Vision

Our enterprise leaders have a high-minded, can fully support the development of customers, and  growing together with customers

  • Founded in 2002, 450+ Employees, Located in Anhui Province, is a Leading Manufacturer of Sweet Potato Starch Glass Noodles, Instant Hot Spicy Glass Noodles and Self-Heating Hotpot in China. It has more than 20 Years of Rich Experience in Research and Development, Processing, Marketing in an FMCG Industry.

  • The main products are Convenient Food under ZHENGWEN Brand, which includes Convenient Glass Noodles, Self-Heating Hotpot, Wholesale and Retail Packaging Glass Noodles, etc, with the Production Capacity above 65000 Tons Per Year. Cooperating with Wal-Mart, Metro, RT-MART, and other Large-scale Supermarket Chains, Factories, etc.

  • With Certificates of ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, HALAL, etc. Certification, Strictly Implement the National Food Quality and Safety Standards.

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The Ultimate Comfort Food: Why Chinese Snail Noodle is So Loved
The Ultimate Comfort Food: Why Chinese Snail Noodle is So Loved
In the world of comfort food, there are classics like mac and cheese and chicken noodle soup. But what about Chinese Snail Noodle, also known as "Luosifen"? This lesser-known dish from China...
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A Culinary Adventure: Trying Chinese Snail Noodle for the First Time
Exploring the world through its cuisine can be an exhilarating journey. One dish that promises a unique and unforgettable culinary adventure is Chinese Snail Noodle, also known as "Luosifen."...
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From Street Food to Gourmet: The Rise of Chinese Snail Noodle
From Street Food to Gourmet: The Rise of Chinese Snail Noodle
Chinese cuisine is a treasure trove of flavors and textures, and among its culinary delights is the intriguing Chinese Snail Noodle. This dish has a fascinating journey from its humble beginnings as s...
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