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Company Culture

Anhui three brothers potato industry co., LTD has been established for twenty years with own culture value.

Zhengwen Enterprise Idea: Tradition, Innovation, Win-win Situation

Firstly, Inheritance.

  1. Inherit the traditional craft, so that the flavor of the traditional products will last forever and be passed down for generations.

  2. Inherit the entrepreneurial passion and the spirit of hard struggle, and carry forward the willpower of daring to be the first and forge ahead.

  3. Inherit the spirit of corporate solidarity. Brothers concentric, its force has broken gold; Unity, Taishan shift; The concentric mountain becomes jade, the joint effort soil becomes gold resultant spirit.

Secondly, Innovation.

Enterprise Mission: Revitalize the traditional industry and create a century-old brand.

Interpretation: sweet potato fans originated in the Ming Dynasty, prospered in the Qing Dynasty, with a long history of development and unique flavor. During the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty, Liu's ancestors in Dongting established a sweet potato vermica processing workshop. Due to its high-quality materials and excellent materials, it was widely popular and became the exclusive skill passed down from generation to generation.

After more than 120 years of inheritance and development over five generations, Liu's sweet potato vermicelli technique has been successfully recognized as an intangible cultural heritage. We are in line with the revitalization of characteristic traditional industries as their own duty, deep cultivation of the industry, determined to operate, in order to provide healthy and pure natural characteristic food for the contemporary people, to create "text fans" brand and make unremitting efforts.

Thirdly, Win-win.

Mutual benefit is the way to do business and the foundation of cooperation. Only by mutual benefit can we win and only by mutual benefit can we achieve sustainable development.

  1. Keeping pace with The Times, not being too comfortable or complacent, keeping up with the pace of social development and the macroeconomic situation, innovating enterprise development concept and operation and management measures is the only choice for the steady and sustainable development of enterprises.

  2. Keenly understand the market changes, closely follow the market development needs, creative research and development of new products, new technology, all market-oriented innovation behavior is the development of the enterprise.

Zhengwen Instant Glass Noodles Manufacturer

Zhengwen Enterprise Policy: Customer Satisfaction, The Basis Of Management; Quality is the key, the way of survival; People-oriented, the root of development

Interpretation: the core of business is around customer satisfaction. All the product value, only through the acceptance of the market and customers, in order to achieve the final. In other words, the requirements of customers, is the enterprise's goal, customer satisfaction, is the enterprise's continuous pursuit.

Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise, is to meet customer needs of the basic elements. Only stable quality of products, in order to obtain customer recognition and loyalty, to obtain a steady stream of orders.

The business process of an enterprise is the management of people, things and things. People are the foundation of things and things, and character determines products. Give full play to people's subjective initiative, follow the human nature's demand instinct, shape people's correct values, through the improvement of people's own ability, so as to achieve the common progress and common development of individuals and enterprises, through the organic combination of breathing and sharing fate, to achieve the maximum value of individuals and enterprises.

Zhengwen Instant Glass Noodles Factory

Zhengwen Enterprise Spirit: High Efficiency, Responsibility, Norms, Honesty

Interpretation: efficient: efficient organization, smooth command, order prohibition, efficiency synchronization. The operation and management of an enterprise is a result-oriented management process, and the execution force is competitiveness. Efficient execution means efficient competitiveness. An efficient and effective execution force has core competitiveness.

Responsibility: the post endows responsibility, responsibility means responsibility, responsibility needs to take the embodiment. Taking the initiative is the best manifestation of the performance of duty, at the same time, is also the value of the post.

Standardization: Corporate governance is the process of enterprise rule by law. The standardized, scientific, rigorous, and clear system process is a lasting mechanism to ensure the healthy operation of enterprises. The system is to prevent people from making mistakes, the process is to do things right, the mechanism is to promote to do things well.

Honesty: the subject of organizational management behavior is human interaction, and honesty is an important premise. Honest communication and interaction, honest feedback behavior, can avoid unnecessary internal friction, suspicion, misunderstanding, make the organization and management efficient, tacit understanding.

Enterprise oath:

No matter how hard the road of development is, we vow to never give up faith, never stop the spirit of innovation, and strive to improve the sense of service, forging excellent quality, and make unremitting efforts to realize their own value!

Zhengwen Glass Noodles Supplier

  • 1998-2001

    Established Yiwen Diesel Factory

  • 2002-2007
    • Anhui Three Brothers Potato Industry Co., Ltd was established

    • Expansion of Dongting Factory

    • ISO9001 certification

    • Products are sold to six provinces in East China

  • 2008-2012
    • Construction of Anhui Three Brothers factory located in the Development Zone

    • Add new equipment and develop steam series products

    • Establishment of "Guangde Zhengwen Sweet Potato Professional Cooperative"

    • Set up the e-commerce department and improve the operation platform of e-commerce

  • 2013-2017
    • Enter CCTV network mall

    • Products throughout the country and export

    • Won "China Green Food", "Anhui Famous Trademark", "Anhui Private Science and Technology Enterprise", "Provincial Leading Enterprise", "Mayor Quality Award", "Guangde County Chief Quality Award", "Integrity Unit", "Tax Contribution Award", etc

    • Apply for 4 invention patents

  • 2018-2019
    • Upgrade Dongting Plant and No. 1 Plant in Development Zone

    • Obtained the ISO22000 system certification

    • Perfect sweet potato vermicron processing: extrusion type, steam type, leakage type

  • 2020-2021
    • New product "Decisive Taste Buds" went on sale

    • Cooperate with Hefei Uni-President Enterprise Co., Ltd., RT-Mart, Metro, Wal-Mart, Suguo and other large supermarket chains

    • E-commerce sales exceeded 17 million yuan

    • The new plant of 2022 *2 is put into production and use

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