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What Are the Distinctive Ways of Eating Snail Vermicelli?

Excellent foodies always have unlimited creativity. A bowl of bagged snail vermicelli paired with different ingredients and unique cooking methods can always create rich flavors and unique experiences.

Snail vermicelli eating method: Spicy snail vermicelli

Everything can be made into spicy hot pot, and how could snail vermicelli be absent? A bowl of snail vermicelli almost contains all the flavors needed for hot pot soup base, including brine, red oil, fragrant vinegar, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled green beans, dried radish, fungus, and tofu skin, with a fresh and fragrant taste. The method is very simple. First, stir-fry the ingredients of the snail vermicelli until fragrant, then pour in boiling water, snail powder soup bags, chili oil, and fragrant vinegar. After the snail pot base bubbles, put the skewers of ingredients in the pot, and you can also cook the noodles together in the pot. This spicy snail vermicelli taste really unique. Whoever eats it knows. Whether you are a fan of snail vermicelli, spicy hot pot, or hot pot, you must not miss it.

Snail vermicelli eating method: Snail vermicelli dumplings

Don't misunderstand, it's not boiling dumplings with snail powder soup, that kind of uncreative method cannot live up to the deliciousness of snail vermicelli. There is a kind of noodle package in Shaanxi that is made of sweet potato noodles and tofu with chives as stuffing, and steamed. Inspired by this kind of noodle package, snail vermicelli dumplings came out. First, stir-fry the snail vermicelli, chop them into short pieces for stuffing, and wrap them in dumpling skins to make large dumplings with thin skin and full filling. Steam until cooked, or pour some oil, fry until golden and then simmered until cooked. The taste is fresh, fragrant, and unique, and it is irresistible once the lid is opened. The dumpling skin is soft and elastic, and the snail vermicelli are delicious and elastic. The taste of these dumplings with luo si noodle inside is no worse than the chives and pork dumplings.

Snail vermicelli eating method: Specialty snail vermicelli

Preparation materials: 1 bag of snail vermicelli, 1 pack of sour and spicy peppers, 1 pack of chili oil, 1 pack of peanuts, 1 egg, 3 strips of bacon, 3 fish tofu, 3 fish balls, 2 sweets, 1 bunch of greens.

First, boil 400-500 ml of water in a pot and add the snail vermicelli and dehydrated fungus, various meatballs, and cook until the snail vermicelli can be broken. Then add a bunch of greens, and finally, remove the luosifen and ingredients. Pour out the water boiled withsnail vermicelli, pour in 400-500 ml of water, and boil the snail's secret soup bag and sour and spicy peppers. Then pour the rice noodles back into the pot and add pickled green beans, pickled bamboo shoots, and meatballs. After boiling for a few minutes, remove the meatballs and the like, simmer on low heat. Fry the bacon and egg on the other side. Finally, add tofu skin and chili oil. The key point: the chili oil is really spicy, add according to personal preference.

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