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What About Instant Liuzhou Noodles?

What are the ingredients for Liuzhou noodles?

Chinese snail snack are a famous snack in Liuzhou and have become a popular specialty food across China. Some people love Liuzhou noodles, while others can't stand the taste. For those who enjoy snail noodles, a good bowl can provide a delicious experience, from the rice noodles and soup base to the side dishes, with the latter being especially important.

A bowl of authentic Liuzhou noodles typically includes ingredients such as dried bean curd, pickled bamboo shoots, pickled mustard tubers, black fungus, peanuts, dried radish, pickled peppers, and chili oil. Because there are many pickled and spicy ingredients, snail noodles usually have a sour and spicy taste. You may have noticed that snail meat is not included in the basic side dishes. Nevertheless, many Liuzhou shops will still add it if you request it. In addition to these base ingredients, Liuzhou noodles can also include additional side dishes, just like hot pot. This is why snail noodles have a diverse and flexible taste, which is a major reason why people like them.

How are and how do you use instant Liuzhou noodles?

Although fresh snail noodles are still the best in Liuzhou, not everyone has the opportunity to go there to taste them. Most people eat snail noodles that are sold online or in supermarkets as instant food. Instant Liuzhou noodles are a type of fast food, just like malatang instant noodles. They are usually available in bags or buckets. Generally speaking, snail noodles are still better eaten when boiled, but they can also be soaked in hot water. Although the taste may be slightly worse, it's still possible. As long as the temperature of the hot water is stable enough and the soaking time is long enough to fully soak the rice noodles, soaking can actually be more convenient.

For making instant Liuzhou noodles, it is generally recommended to use boiling water to soak the rice noodles and dried bean curd for at least five minutes. Pour out the water and add the other ingredients, stir well, and then add boiling water. Soak for about 10 minutes to fully soak the rice noodles and allow the flavor to blend. When the flavor has diffused, it's ready to eat. This is how to handle situations in which boiling is not convenient. If you have time and resources, it is still recommended to boil them, as it results in a richer and more delicious taste. Moreover, there are also many fun and delicious ways to eat Liuzhou noodles that don't require boiling.

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