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Is Liuzhou Snail Noodles Nutritious?

Introduction of Liuzhou noodles

Snail noodles were born on the streets and alleys of Liuzhou, Guangxi. The people of Guangxi have a special fondness for rice noodles, and the four most famous rice noodles in Guangxi are Liuzhou noodles, Guilin rice noodles, Wuzhou fried rice noodle, and Nanning loyofen. In Guangxi, almost every place that has a restaurant also has a rice noodle shop, and snail noodles can be found in almost every rice noodle shop.

The snails used in Guangxi snail noodles generally refer to local green snails (or stone snails). For Liuzhou people, they can easily find a huge amount of snails in the nearby Liujiang River. It is said that the history of Liuzhou people eating snails can be traced back to 20,000 years ago, as evidenced by the Bailian Cave residency. With the passage of time, eating Liuzhou noodles gradually became popular. This time, the popularity of Liuzhou noodles spread beyond Liuzhou, not through chain stores, but through the popularity of snack products sold in major e-commerce platforms and many food bloggers’ evaluations. As a result, Liuzhou noodles can be considered a truly internet-famous food.

Understanding Liuzhou noodles

Above the soup luo si noodles are pickled bamboo shoots, pickled beans, peanuts, fried tofu skin, dried radish, shredded wood ear, and green vegetables, and then topped with chili oil. One spoonful of soup in the mouth is sour, spicy, fresh and refreshing, and instantly induces a craving. Biting into a piece of fried tofu skin that has not yet been soaked in soup is both fragrant and crispy, leaving an aftertaste. Just like how fish flavor shredded pork does not contain fish, snail noodles are also not made with snail meat. Snails are used to make soup with bones, condiments, and chili oil.

The pungent odor of Liuzhou noodles is its most distinctive feature. The smell of the kitchen after boiling river snail rice noodles cannot be dispelled for a long time. The source of this peculiar smell is actually the exclusive ingredient of snail noodles - pickled bamboo shoots. According to research on the flavor substances of fermented pickled bamboo shoots, substances such as pentanal with high content can emit a slight odor of decay. Just like stinky tofu, the pungent odor of snail noodles also attracts a large number of fans. Once you fall in love with it, you cannot help but crave it.

Nutritional evaluation of Liuzhou noodles

The bulk rice noodles in Liuzhou noodles are a kind of staple food. Rice noodles wholesale contain about 75% carbohydrates, 7% to 8% protein, 1.3% to 1.8% fat, and B vitamins. The vegetables contain carotene, minerals, and dietary fiber. Fried tofu skin, included in the ingredients, contains a variety of minerals, high vegetable protein, and is an outstanding member of soybean products; Pickled bamboo shoots are rich in cellulose, which can promote intestinal peristalsis.

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