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Self-Heating Hotpot

The well-known Sichuan hot pot in China is made into instant-eat food. deeply loved by consumers and cannot give up. Use glass noodles or vermicelli as the main ingredient with various seasonings. Convenient and instant to eat.  1 rice noodles cake and some packets of ingredients.  hot, sour, and spicy flavor. rich flavor.  It is as easy to eat as instant noodles but has a richer taste than instant noodles, not fried foods. Convenient to carry. no need to cook in a pot. There is no need for boiling water, just add cold water and rely on the heat of the heating pack to fully cook and eat it immediately. Low calories. Foods that are nutritious and very healthy. It is very suitable for eating in office work, as well as eating during business trips or traveling, and it is often used as a meal replacement food at home.

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How to Use Self-heating Hot Pot?

  1. Put the ingredients of the chinese self heating noodles into the upper lunch box and add an appropriate amount of water

  2. Put the heating pack into the base of the lunch box, add cold water, the water should exceed the heating pack by about 0.5CM

  3. Put the upper lunch box with ingredients into the base of the lunch box

  4. Cover and wait for 15 to 20 minutes. (Note: Do not block the air vents on the cover.)

  5. Open the box lid, and then stir well to enjoy the delicious food.  

Is Self Heating Instant Hotpot Safe?

Self heating hot pots have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among college students and those who enjoy convenient, on-the-go meals. However, many people wonder if these hot pots are safe to consume. The answer is yes – as long as they are used correctly. Self heating hot pots, also known as instant noodle hot pots, use a chemical reaction to heat up the food. Some instant pot hot pots come with a heating element that's activated by adding water. Regardless of the kind, meticulous adherence to the directions is necessary to ensure consumption safety. In conclusion, self heating hot pots are safe and convenient for those looking for a quick meal, as long as they are used correctly.

How Is Self Heating Hot Pot Made?

Self heating hot pots, also known as instant noodle hot pots or instant pot hot pots, are a convenient and simple way to enjoy a hot meal without the need for a stove or microwave. But have you ever wondered how they're made? The process involves combining various ingredients such as instant hot pot noodles, vegetables, and seasonings into a small, compact container. A self-contained heating element is inserted into the container, and a mixture of water and calcium oxide is added. When the water comes into contact with the calcium oxide, it triggers a chemical reaction that generates heat, warming up the contents of the container. With the ease of use and convenience that self heating hot pots provide, it's no wonder they have become increasingly popular.

How Does Self-heating Hotpot Work?

The Chinese self heating hot pot can cook food with cold water. The heating principle is actually very simple, that is, the heating pack is composed of a mixture of lime, and when it encounters water, it will produce a chemical reaction, release heat energy and generate water vapor, so as to cook the food.

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