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What is the Nutritional Value of Sweet Potato Thread Noodles?

We all like to eat some vermicelli in our daily life, so sweet potato thread noodle is made from sweet potato. The vermicelli tastes very smooth and has a soft and sticky feeling. There are many ways to eat traditional ancient food. For example, it can be used for cold dressing, stewing soup, etc. It is rich in nutritional value, so what nutritional value does sweet potato thread noodles contain?

1. Get to know sweet potato thread noodles

Sweet potato thread noodles is a traditional Chinese product with a history of more than 400 years. Sweet potato thread noodles is not bad for a long time, it is fragrant and delicious, and it can be eaten in a variety of ways. Sweet potato thread noodles is a very easy-going food. It can be matched with many foods and can be cooked in a variety of ways to make a variety of dishes such as cold, hot, meat, vegetarian, stir-fried, stewed, fried, and steamed.

2. The nutritional value of sweet potato thread noodles

Sweet potato thread noodles is rich in dietary fiber: first of all, it is made of sweet potato, which contains a lot of dietary fiber. We know that after dietary fiber is ingested into the body, it can promote gastrointestinal motility, thereby It has the effect of promoting defecation and digestion, and can also expel toxins in our body and prevent the accumulation of fat.

Sweet potato thread noodles is rich in high-quality protein and minerals: it contains a lot of high-quality protein, which can improve our body's immunity after ingestion. Some of the mineral elements, such as calcium, Phosphorus, as well as iron, etc., can supplement some nutrients needed by our body, and the content and types of vitamins rich in it are also very many, including vitamin B and so on.

Sweet potato thread noodles is rich in lysine: the flour or rice eaten in daily life is eaten as a staple food, but the content of some amino acids rich in it called lysine is very small, but lysine is an important component of our body. Eating some sweet potato vermicelli properly can supplement the lysine content our body needs.

Sweet potato thread noodles is rich in carbohydrates: sweet potato thread noodles is also rich in starch content, 95% of which is some starch. After entering our body, it can provide enough energy for the body's life activities, especially for For some people who do manual work, and some carbohydrates rich in it can also play a role in diuresis, swelling, heat and detoxification.

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