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How to Choose Sweet Potato Glass Noodles

The raw materials of pure sweet potato vermicelli are only sweet potato starch and water. After drying, sweet potato vermicelli thick will be very brittle, and it will be broken when caught lightly by hand, and it is not easy to regain moisture after drying. Pure sweet potato vermicelli is crisper as it dries, and its moisture content is lower than 12%. Sweet potato vermicelli is easy to break, and there are many crushed powders. False sweet potato vermicelli has good toughness, and little crushed powders. The color of pure sweet potato vermicelli will be varied, because the quality of starch used in production is different, some will be dull, while some treated sweet potato starch will be whiter, but the color of pure sweet potato vermicelli is dark as a whole, and the color will be brighter after being cooked, and it will taste stronger.

Traditional technology of sweet potato vermicelli

Selecting sweet potatoes, cleaning sweet potatoes, crushing sweet potatoes, filtering, adding starch noodles or organic glass noodles into cold water, boiling, stirring and making paste; After the paste leaks and dries, it becomes the vermicelli wide sweet potato noodles we usually see.

Are sweet potato fans authentic or not? Teach you 7 tricks to make it show its true shape!

1. Look at the color. Real Chinese sweet potato noodles wide is translucent dark cyan or slightly yellow, while fake ones are often transparent, so transparent that they turn white. The main reason is that fake sweet potato vermicelli is mixed with a lot of edible gelatin.

2. Authentic sweet potato fans, unless they are specially crafted, generally speaking, basically have some pimples. Fake sweet potato vermicelli, uniform water seepage, no pimples.

3. Authentic sweet potato vermicelli, with different thicknesses, because sweet potatoes have uneven water seepage. Fake sweet potato vermicelli, looks even in thickness and good in appearance.

4. If you want to buy genuine products, sometimes don't choose cheap ones. I bought this fake sweet potato vermicelli in the supermarket for 12 yuan a kilo, while the authentic farmer's sweet potato vermicelli I bought was one kilo in 20 yuan. The difference is obvious.

5. If you have a lighter with you and it is convenient to burn it, you might as well order one. Fake sweet potato fans, like fireworks, crackle when burned. Real sweet potato fans from Wen Zhang Chinese Noodles, a professional instant noodles supplier, will only swell, grow bigger, not knot, and not turn into powder.

6. Authentic sweet potato fans, which will be broken when they are folded. False, gelatin is added too much, it is not easy to break, and it is full of toughness.

7. Authentic sweet potato vermicelli. The fragrance is the fragrance of crops. The fake ones are either tasteless or the smell of chemicals.

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